A logo or word mark is anything but a simple graphical or typographic representation of a company. It’s no coincidence that these elements form not just the foundation of a company’s ‘identity’, but should serve as the centrepiece of your brand image.

At Autograph Media, we would like to be the co-creators of your brand identity and co-authors of your company’s story. As such, we will never simply “design a logo” but instead create powerful and enduring identity marks. We apply the same rigorous process to the design of your company’s business cards and stationary (or any desired brand collateral) to ensure your brand is always firmly planted on solid ground.

We take full ownership of the brand development process to ensure there is no mistaking your identity.


Graphic Design (Print Media)

At Autograph Media, we are bona fide graphic design purists. Well-conceived graphic design through a company brochure can offer a brand keepsake that offers clients value they can literally feel.

In an predominantly digital age, the client who goes the direct marketing route using print media to reach their audience can stake claim of an untapped market segment.

Our Autograph graphic design team will work with you to develop memorable print media that reflects your brand’s signature style and that resonates with your target audience.

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Web Design

Having a considered online presence can no longer be considered an afterthought. After all, a website isn’t just  the most important extension of your brand – it’s your brand’s digital home and storefront!

At Autograph Media, we endeavour to treat web design like lawyers treat the law – with no room for misinterpretation. As one of our core areas of expertise, the web design process begins with a full-scale audit to assess what content will be presented and how best to house this crucial information.

By using a meticulous approach to front-end web design, we ensure that a calculated site architecture comes to life in the most aesthetic and intuitive fashion before any dynamic development begins.

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Web Development

If you can think it, we can build it. Our web development services include a specialization in WordPress customization. We also have extensive experience in building complex systems such as E-Commerce platforms and customized control panels using any Content Management System (CMS).

We strive to implement the highest standards of coding integrity while upholding web development best practices. This continuous process ensures that any website we create for our clients is rigorously built to meet search engine criteria while never compromising on the user experience.

As web development continues to evolve, we take care to ensure that any digital product we create for our clients is fully responsive and adapts seamlessly to users’ needs across all mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones.)

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Online Marketing

SEO, PPC… these aren’t just fancy abbreviations! There are a host of online marketing tools available, and the first step is to determine the right mix of mediums to pursue based on factors ranging from your company’s particular objectives, to the specific traits of the target audience.

From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to more targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) banner campaigns, we can help you determine what balance of awareness-centric or interaction-specific measures will make the most sense for your campaign. Autograph’s online marketing services also include the creation, set-up and customization of powerful email campaigns.

We would be glad to help you make sense of the online marketing initiatives available and tailor a scalable marketing plan that meets your business’ needs, and your budget.

Video Production

Video content is becoming an increasingly useful tool for boosting online visibility. And fortunately, working with Autograph Media means video production can be professionally executed for your company without amounting to brain surgery!

Autograph’s video production services include everything from simple video editing to 2D motion graphics and full 3D animation to help your company stand out from the competition.

Our video production team can help bring simple creative ideas to life with powerful visual multimedia. So if you want to support your company’s overall branding or have a unique campaign message you’d like to deliver, a presentation video might be just the thing to take your company’s brand image to another level.


The numbers don’t lie: digital signage advertising does indeed continue to outpace the growth of the internet itself! As a constantly growing medium, digital signage offers an impactful channel through which to reach a more captive audience with your brand’s message.

As a strategic media partner with Indoor Media, Autograph Media can help you develop and execute customized digital campaigns – from start to finish. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology (Indoor Media flat screens and digital networks) and dynamic video, our clients can deliver their brand message and relevant real-time content to a variety of audiences with the luxury of flexible options.

With the added advantage of easy content updates and customization at low costs, indoor media offers a unique ability to ensure relevant content is always on your prospect’s mind, along with your brand.

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