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At Autograph Media, we would like to be the co-creators of your brand identity and co-authors of your company’s story. As such, we will never simply “design a logo” but instead create powerful and enduring identity marks.

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A logo or word mark is anything but a simple graphical or typographic representation of a company.

Print Media

Print Media

At Autograph Media, we are bona fide graphic design purists.

Web Design

Web Design

Having a considered online presence can no longer be considered an afterthought. 

We are a small team with big ideas

Each stroke you make to create the mark of consent holds a powerful statement of truth. As important as your signature is to identify your unduplicated worth, our company’s brand holds the same authentic value.


However, value is in the eye of the beholder and a message is only as powerful as the words that deliver it. This observation became our passion and commitment: To venture beyond the standard and create the extraordinary. To see what cannot be visualized, and translate it into design. We believe businesses want to make relationships instead of transactions. We believe they strive for uniqueness instead of acceptance. To grow, not survive. Ultimately, we believe they understand change, rebirth and the ever evolving power of their identity.
Most importantly, our passion comes from our success and our creativity from yours. Out of these partnerships we create a portrait of your values and a brand that speaks the right words. This is the unique mark of your presence; your corporate autograph. Autograph Media is a team of creative professionals in Toronto and Mississauga, working for over 7 years to provide you with an authentic signature, unique to your business.

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